Sensory Activities : Make your own colored sand


Sensory Activities : Make your own colored sand

As though sand needed something extra to be more fun!

It’s summer time and we have started playing in, on, under and around our sandbox more now. Sand is such a fun and frugal sensory material for  many sensory activities. To make it even more exciting we made colored sand using 3 different ways.…

Flash cards in a sand box

flash cards sandbox

Long time ago, when I didn’t know better, I bought a ton of flash cards thinking I can teach my kids using those. Well, you can guess how that went, right? Usually ends up with our favorite game, “It’s raining It’s pouring flash cards!” How do we play with flash cards? While holding that thought, I set out the box.

During the day, Daddy B started building card houses with the flash cards.…

Build an island in a sandbox

sandbox islands

Yes, I have to bathe the kids after, yes they actually swim In the sandbox, yes the younger one opens her diaper to put some sand inside ( I mean come on girl). Still sandbox has been a hit out and out. After a long hiatus for our sandbox ( it was our mud kitchen during the spring), this summer it has seen plenty of action.…