Glow in the dark play : Quick play idea in a box

glow in the dary play idea

Super easy fun kids glow in the dark play idea.

Welcome to another week of quick play ideas.This week’s activity is tremendously fun- glow in the dark play fun.

We have a big box and we have been having fun with it. We have used it as an art studio, for splatter painting, as a store and the obvious gross motor play.…

Quick Play Idea with colorful oobleck

messy play quick play ideas with oobleck

Sensory Activities for Kids:  Rainbow oobleck

Welcome to this week’s quick play idea. If you have made oobleck before then you know how much fun it is for the kids. If you haven’t then this post is for you and I’d like to say ” Cmon, your kids HAVE to mess around with this awesome substance atleast once” . Don’t be afraid, grab a drop cloth and head outdoors for some glorious messy goopy fun.…

Farm in your backyard: Quick Play Idea

farm play ideas

Welcome to the third week of Quick Play Ideas. You can read about the previous weeks here and here. To reiterate “Quick Play Ideas” is about simple kids activity that can be set up in minutes notice. In fact I’m a little hesitant to even use the word “set-up” because there isn’t much involved and even if there is older kids can go about making their own setup..…

Quick Play Idea with Rainbow Rice

blogmemom kids sensory activity

Sensory Activities using a quick rainbow rice recipe.

Did you know that we have a quick play ideas category here on the blog? Yeah, we have one and I have been ignoring it since we created it in the hopes of accumulating simple play ideas. I love having a stash of easy play ideas for those days when all things fail on the kids and parenting front.…

Mud Soup On The Lawn

Blog Me Mom Mud Soup

Nature Play with mud and flowers

This summer getting the girls inside the house once we sent off daddy to work was such hard work! Such hard work that I stopped doing it.  ( You know how old this draft of mine is)

One of those mornings, they concocted a mud soup. They had a “gigglishly” fun time.

Big A decided she is making soup and she needs veggies to add to her soup.…