40+ Easter Treats for Kids

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40+ Easter Treats for Kids

With Easter around the corner, here is a delicious collection of Easter treats for kids. All the easter recipes have been categorized by theme. Enjoy!


1. Easter Snack Idea: Egg Bunny from Cute Food For Kids

2. Easter Bunny Cake Pops! from The Partiologist

3. Easter Bunny Pretzel Treats from B-InspiredMama

Easter Bunny Pretzel Treats
Easter Bunny Pretzel Treats

4. …

Homemade Baby Food and toddler meals recipes

homemade baby food recipes

Review of the book Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook

Homemade baby food recipes

Have you noticed that now more mothers are now making their own baby food? They cook in bulk and freeze or even make their baby’s food everyday instead of relying on the jar. Parents who are busier now more than ever , still take the time to make their own baby food.…

Homemade Churros & Doughnuts: Kizmos Kitchen Tools Giveaway

pillsbury churros & doughnuts

This post is brought to you by Kizmos.

Do your kids like to help you in the kitchen? I use the word *help* very loosely! In any case, they will love using these wonderful Kizmos kitchen tools featured in today’s post- An easy recipe to make churros and doughnuts .

Pre-heat the oven to 350. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and keep ready.…

Summer Party Ideas: Strawberry Pops

Strawberry pops

With summer around the corner here is a easy summer dessert recipe.

Can I start by saying how much I love strawberries. They are hands down my house favorite. When the season is in full bloom, strawberries become a house staple. So now the question is what else can you do with strawberries? – Introducing, Strawberry Pops – easy, kid- friendly and elegant summer dessert.…

Easter Treats for kids : Basket Cupcakes

easter treats for kids

Easter Treats for kids : Basket Cupcakes

Making Easter treats for kids is such a joyous experience. With so many possibilities, we chose a simple recipe that appeared to be doable. While it is tricky having a 4 year old in my kitchen, I still love baking with her every now and then simply to see how much SHE enjoys baking and cooking in general.…

Vegetarian Recipe for kids : Cream of Wheat Stir Fry

vegetarian kid friendly recipe

Kid-friendly vegetarian recipes are hard to come by. To expand your horizons you might want to try other cuisines for vegetarian options. Today’s post is a easy to make vegetarian recipe that uses cream of wheat and vegetables. It feels funny to try write a tutorial for this because it is such a staple in my home country. It is like writing a recipe for making toast!…

Valentine’s Day Activities : Valentine Brownie


With any occasion comes the big question : What’s for dessert ? With decorated cake pops and cookies topping the list, we have decided to give our yummy, fudgey, chocolaty and warm brownies all the attention it deserves. Our Valentine’s Day treat is our home favorite Brownies.

Now I have always said, when you have kids helping you in the kitchen, it’s perfectly fine in my book to take some necessary short-cuts.…

Holiday Baking with Kids – Cake pops !

cake pops for the holidays

Christmas brings families across the country together. In our house, the kids wait for their cousins and the adults are excited about the lil’ nieces and nephews..and I’m the Aunt who does “fun stuff”…fearlessly bakes cakes, cookies and pies ! This holiday season we are going to be making Cake pops. Its become a phenomenon , kids and adults alike. Cake pops is the new favorite and the possibilities of crafting, endless.…

Christmas tree crafts : This one is edible

christmas crafts

Today we have an edible Christmas craft. An utterly delicious Christmas tree from sugar cones. It is a popular Christmas tradition in many families that we decided try this one at our house. I just omitted the frosting on the cones since I wanted my pre schooler to try this edible craft independently. She is my petite chef and I did not want to constantly tell her to go easy on the frosting.…