Fine Motor Activities : Matches and Straws

Fine Motor activities with matches and straws

Fine Motor Activities : Matches and Straws

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Simple fine motor activities you can create for your kids are a great way to strengthen those finger muscles that are going to aid them in writing. In this post we use basic supplies like matches, straws and Styrofoam to make an easy “fine motor activity board” for the children to explore, learn and create


Colored Craft Match Sticks

Cut-up straws

Styrofoam Board ( packing material)

materials for fine motor activity

You can just leave the invitation as is with the materials up for exploration.…

Number Activities for kids : Number Tunnel

Number games for kids

Number Activities for kids : Number Tunnel

We have been doing some playful learning activities with my 3 year old – we have created an alphabet city, played with letters in a cornmeal sensory bin, had fun with alphabet memory game, picked number leaves in a sensory bin, sang with play dough number fingers.  {Access our ABC’s of Math Activities} full series here.…

Fine Motor Activities : Learning with Licorice


Fine Motor Activities : Licorice Learning

As a part of our new candy activities series, today we are using candy in a few intentional learning activities which also double as heavy fine motor activities. We don’t do many activities which are specially fine motor activities since all the sensory activities and crafts for kids we do have a heavy dose of fine motor element.…

Math Activities for Kids : 3 leaf activities for number recognition

math games for kids fall themed

Notes: With access to fun stuff like corn meal (which is GREAT for sensory bins) and tongs, kids may want to just feel and play with the base. My 3 year did just that first. Once I let her explore the materials she voluntarily wanted to engage in the learning activity.

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For sensory activities where we used corn meal as the base click on the blue link.…

Leaf Activities for Kids : Leaf Math and Sculptures

leaves sculptures - math activities for kids f

Leaf Activities for Kids : Number recognition and leaf structures

With the turn of seasons we created a few leaf activities for kids. As I always say, the kids and I enjoy themed learning. They are a great way to keep learning and exploring fresh for the kids. This time we tweaked our math activities and brought in a little fall in our activities.…

Fine Motor Activities : Sticky Yarn Learning

sticky yarn fine motor activity

Fine motor activities using yarn

We do many fine motor activities around here which are basically embedded in the other fun activities we do. Every now and then we however like to do intentional fine motor activities – like the one we are sharing today. Another material we love is contact paper. In the past we have shared a kids craft using contact paper and made glitter tubes, a toddler learning activity and another kids scavenger hunt with the same material.…

Art and Math Activities : Coin Rubbings

art and math activity

With a few coins and colored pencils create  this fun art-math combo activity.

What I really like and I’m sure other busy moms would appreciate is that it is set-up free and mess-free.

Let’s be honest we want it all, right? An engaging, fun and if possible educational kids activity which has NO elaborate set up and mess free. This art and math activity fits the bill!…

Easter Activities for Intentional Learning

easter activities for learning1

I have seen that designing themed learning activities for younger kids is a great way to sustain interest in the same concept. It gets them look at the same learning activity in a fun and interesting way. Just a few egg shapes for Easter or a few bright hearts for Valentine’s go a long way in my house when we set up learning activities for my kids.…

Math Activity : Play Dough Fingers for Toddlers

toddlers math activity with play dough and numbers

This toddler learning math activity combines music, play dough and math.

My toddler is trying *really* hard to keep with her pre school age sister. I mean she loves to bring me books and have me read them to her, she loves to learn and all, but..the thought stops there. It is just the idea of learning like her sister which entices her not the actual sit down and focus learning.…