ABC’s of Math Activities : U – Z


Welcome to the final part of the ABC series of hands on math activities. To read the introductory post on the series, visit here.  Below you will find the links to earlier posts. Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.


U is for Units

Understanding the concept of units is a long shot for a preschooler. But that said just like many words that we learn each day “Units” is part of every number we talk about.…

ABC’s of Math Activities : P – T


To read the first three parts of this series visit the following links. Part 1, part 2 and part 3.

P is for Patterns

We see patterns all around us. Patterns to a preschooler is something that’s repetitive and is in an order. It’s a basic concept that is the foundation for life-long mathematical skills.

Identifying patterns around us:

Flowers, animals, clothes, jewelery, shoes, floor tiles and many more.…

ABC’s of Math Activities : K – O


Here is the 3rd part of our ABC series on hands on math activities. To read the previous parts visit here and here.

We have many preschool math ideas and few toddler math activities.

K is for Kitchen Math

Getting kids in the kitchen is a best place to teach Mathematics. From measures to units to quantity it’s the best place to experiment math facts.…

ABC’s of Math Activities : F-J

math activities f-j

This is day 2 of our ABC’s of Math Activities series.

Click here to read about the seriesClick here to read our first installment

You will find many preschool math ideas and other hands on math activities that can be done using household objects.

F is for Fractions

fraction for kids

If your household has more than 1 kid, then the kids KNOW fractions.…

ABCs of Math Activities : A-E


This post and the next few will have several hands on math activities you can do with your kids (toddler to kindergarten age)  Althought mostly preschool math will ve covered, with a few changes, you can use many of these activities for school age children as well. Please read the introductory post here for this ABC series of Math Activities.

A is for Art


ABC’s of Math Activities : Introduction

math activities

This is a 5 day series from 70+ kid bloggers.

Bloggers are going to post exhaustively about their chosen and we all sure have tons of reading to do. All the posts will have numerous ideas, activities and thoughts to read, explore, absorb and of course pin and share.

Here at Blog Me Mom, you will see A-Z of Math Activities where we cover topics ranging from books, games, concepts, hands on fun to mathematical art for toddlers.…