Vegetarian Recipe for kids : Cream of Wheat Stir Fry

vegetarian kid friendly recipe

Kid-friendly vegetarian recipes are hard to come by. To expand your horizons you might want to try other cuisines for vegetarian options. Today’s post is a easy to make vegetarian recipe that uses cream of wheat and vegetables. It feels funny to try write a tutorial for this because it is such a staple in my home country. It is like writing a recipe for making toast!…

Spring Craft : ABC Garden

spring crafts

This spring craft doubles up as a wonderful tool for toddlers to engage in some hands-on letter recognition.

We this spring craft in 2 phases. As a quick prep, I roughly drew the 3 letters A,B,C on a Styrofoam plate and on cardstock paper and cut them out. I used a variety of sizes but stuck to uppercase. If working with a older toddler, a mix of upper case and lower case matching can also be incorporated.…

Math Activity : Play Dough Fingers for Toddlers

toddlers math activity with play dough and numbers

This toddler learning math activity combines music, play dough and math.

My toddler is trying *really* hard to keep with her pre school age sister. I mean she loves to bring me books and have me read them to her, she loves to learn and all, but..the thought stops there. It is just the idea of learning like her sister which entices her not the actual sit down and focus learning.…

Paper Roll Craft : Castle

Castle from TP rolls

My 4 year old loves building, crafting and playing pretend with princesses. This activity combines all of the three.  We love building with Legos and slottos and blocks and are always looking for new ways to play.  Whats better than our all time favorite and Oh! so useful,paper rolls.. Paper roll crafts are an all time favorite. See our recent paper roll craft post where we made airplanes.…

St Patrick’s Day Activities : Shamrock Printing

st patricks day crafts

The last time we did a printing activity my toddler had a great deal fun creating and experimenting with colors and textures. With St Patrick’s day coming around, we got arty with heart cookie cutters to create shamrocks. Today’s St Patrick’s day craft is an easy one – shamrock printing.

For an older child it would be great practice to use one heart cookie cutter to create shamrocks by rotating the same cutter or the paper.…

Winter Activities for kids : Snow cookies

snow play

Winter Activities for Kids : Make snow cookies

How can you make outdoor winter activities for the kids more fun? Snow is fun and all for a while but little kids can lose interest being outdoors in the snow for a long time, especially it is biting cold. So after we painted the snow outdoors we brought some inside for some creation time.…

Sensory writing

sensory preschool writing

It’s great to write on a paper with a pen and all. Everyone once in a while when the interest to write/mark make wanes it is simple to bring back the lost zeal with a fun new writing surface.  We have used salt trays and corn meal as a writing surface to aid pre school writing and even toddler mark making.…

Plate Rainbow Craft

rainbow activities for kids

Actually they are Styrofoam plates. This is a fun little rainbow craft which will be fun for toddlers and preschoolers while teaching them colors and counting.

First, I drew 2 rainbows on a Styrofoam plate ( use 2 semi circles cut out from the plate)

materials for rainbow craft

Then I cut out 7 strips along the curves of the drawn rainbow. Note: Try to be as uniform as possible  with the paper strips so it doesn’t get too complicated when you start attaching them to the play dough.…

Paper roll craft : Airplane

tp roll airplane craft

Our ever favorite TP rolls have sent us to make another  paper roll craft . This time we made Airplanes.  This is a super easy and very kid friendly paper roll craft.

One of the things I like to do is to always talk about what our project is about and what we are actually making. While we are engaged in the activity, we get a great opportunity to have a causal conversation about concepts.…